Does warm weather help slow the spread of Covid-19?

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) - With spring now here and much warmer weather on the way, a big question is will the spring season help slow down the spread of covid-19 like other seasonal viruses?

"The only answer we have is we don't know. We truly don't know. We don't know a lot of things about this virus and that's one of them,' said Dr. Boris Lokshin.

Dr. Boris Lokshin is a physician at Allergy and Asthma Associates in Sparks.

"We hope it does affects the virus," said Dr. Lokshin. "It may affect the virus in a sense where people might try to open the windows like I was trying to today to increase the mixing of fresh air with indoor air and decrease the concentration of virus available to breathe."

With sunlight being a natural immune system booster, Dr. Lokshin said exposure to sunlight is good for all of us.

"It does help us to make our own vitamin D, it has other effects on the brain that are positive," explained Dr. Lokshin. "It decreases depression and helps increase the function of our immune system.

With spring boosting temperatures in the 60's, many of us are looking forward to being active outside.

Dr. Lokshin said while there's nothing wrong with being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

The problem? Being out and about around a crowd。

"The infection depends on whether or not you encounter the virus but also how much of the virus you encounter," added Dr。 Lokshin。 "There has to be come critical mass I'm sure, I don't know what that is but to decrease the concentration of the virus, is probably for the better。"

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