Gold Ranch awaits $150 million lottery winner to come forward

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VERDI, Nev. (KOLO) If you spend an hour inside the lottery building behind Gold Ranch in Verdi, you’ll be hard pressed to find a minute without any customers.

“It doesn’t hit very often but when it does it definitely gets busy because people want to play where there are winners,” said General Manager Clint Johnson。

Someone recently bought a winning $150 million Powerball ticket at Gold Ranch, which is a lot bigger than any of the jackpots Johnson has seen there。

“We’ve had some large jackpots,” he recalled. “Where there are more tickets there are more winners. One was over 300k, another over 100k, and in 2002 we had one for $29 million. “

The question of who won has not yet been answered, but figures to be soon。

“We are hoping it’s someone from northern Nevada,” Johnson said. “It could be someone in the car in front of you, or it could be your neighbor. At this point everyone is wondering who has got that ticket?”

“It’s Extraordinary,” added David Dane of Reno。 “Of all the tickets sold all over the nation it’s really nice, and if it’s a local that will be really good。”

Gold ranch will also be getting a payday as a result of the win, but how big that will be has yet to be determined.

“We are still talking with the lottery we get a small percentage of it,“ Johnson stated.

What you can guarantee, is that Gold Ranch will soon be giving that winner plenty of publicity.

“If it is someone from northern Nevada it’s probably the largest award anyone has ever won in the state,” Johnson speculated。 “So that is pretty special。”

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