Local salon reacts to mandated closure

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Irma and Elvia Gamboa open the door and flick on the switch to a salon they’ve owned for more than 35 years.

This is one of the last times the lights will be on at Rumors Hair Salon at least for a while。

Last night the sisters listened to Nevada Gov。 Steve Sisolak set down his mandate。

“All nonessential businesses….that includes beauty shops, barber shops, nail, tanning, waxing salons should close until further notice,” announced the governor at a press conference Tuesday night.

“Oh I am absolutely in denial. Absolutely,” says Irma Gamboa, owner of Rumors Hair Salon. “Many of my clients I have, have been with me 40 years. So we have relationships. They are concerned for us,” she says.

The phone rings and Gamboa answers。 She talks about the closure of the salon。 What she knows about the mandate and how it applies to hair salons。 That she is in shock。

What she cannot say: How long her salon will be closed, and when she can get those clients bumped from service, back into the shop.

Gamboa searches through all of her appointments for the next two weeks. She flips page after page, for her books, there are no openings. Those appointments continue through April and beyond.

Irma says she understand why the closures are happening, and why her salon is part of those businesses impacted.

She laughs and says her clients don’t think her services are nonessential.

“They see the gray in their hair, they want it gone,” she says.

While there are plenty of unknowns, the sisters know they will do no business today, the next day, or the day after.

The sign on the door simply and only sends condolences.

How long it will stay no one knows for sure. Two weeks? Or well beyond 30 days?

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