Public warned about COVID-19 related scams; prosecutor appointed

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MINDEN, Nev. (KOLO)-- The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about scammers using the COVID-19 scare to operate.

These include emails that download malware onto a person’s computer that allow cybercriminals to take control of your computer, log your keystrokes or access your personal information and financial data, all leading to identity theft.

They make these recommendations:

  • Don’t click on links from sources you do not know.

  • Watch for emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or experts saying they have information about the virus. For accurate and reliable information about the coronavirus, visit the and the ’s official websites. 

  • Ignore online offers for vaccinations, pills, potions or anything claiming to cure the disease.

  • Do your research when donating to a charitable cause. Never let anyone rush you to make a donation and never give cash, gift cards or wire money.  Keep your donations local with organizations you have dealt with and trust. 

In this uneasy time, don’t open you home door for a stranger offering to sell you anything unsolicited and never give your credit card information to a door-to-door salesperson, the sheriff’s office said.

Meanwhile, the U。S。 Attorney’s Office in Nevada announced it is dedicating a prosecutor to lead investigations and prosecute COVID-19 fraud cases。

“Wrongdoers seeking to take advantage of individuals – through fraud or force – during this health crisis are now on notice,” U.S. Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich said in a statement. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office COVID-19 Fraud Coordinator will be working with law enforcement at all levels to investigate and prosecute those who exploit the fears of Nevadans for personal gain. This conduct will not be tolerated in Nevada.”

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